CTF citrofresh international limited

this is going places

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    Its now about 3 months since the reconstruction of CTF and the key unknown was whether they could take the good idea and all the hard work to discover Citrofresh from the lab to the market.

    Whe you check out www.citrofresh.com and see just how many trials and governement approvals they have already done not hope to do such as the fda you can see why this little baby is just geting warmed up.

    Todays announcement is a sensational result with reveniues now around 7-8 million in such a short time period.

    With a tight register and 34 million shares a market cap of just 14-15 million compared to CMQ with nearly 300 million seems disproportianite.

    Im doubling my holding sub 40 of the shares and sub 20 of the opps.

    Thanks to Sabre and Dulux for pointing this out to me

    read the disclaimers and do your own homework as im no expert just passionate about less chemicals and a green world.?
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