ESG 0.00% 86.5¢ eastern star gas limited

this is fun

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    hi to all,

    db, you are having a ball! you have your strategy and purpose, as do we all.

    yaq, yes yaq is around and has a stategy too.

    but in the end, the question everyone is hoping for is to have a high return on their investment.

    i can only state that my experience shows that other interested parties in a valuable commodity generally keep their guns in their holsters, run rulers over numbers, then announce themselves. and then come out firing, sorry db.

    i think the interesting thing to possibly consider is, why not take out santos altogether. it is a relatively small minnow on the world stage, and could easily be purchased by others. if i was santos, i would not be getting too clucky.
    they do look quiet the juicy dinner.

    and that is esg shareholders primary concern now. is there others with a gun to fire. and will that possibly be a gun that fires over the santos bow?

    i in my little inconsequential opinion, think yes.

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