This is Covid so far

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    Hi all - I thought this was worth a thread all by itself because there seems to be a lot of confusion out there - I won't post any opinion - just the articles and studies --- I will leave it to all to make their own logical connections

    "Results  Of the 100 included patients, 53 (53%) were male, and the median (interquartile range [IQR]) age was 49 (45-53) years. The median (IQR) time interval between COVID-19 diagnosis and CMR was 71 (64-92) days. Of the 100 patients recently recovered from COVID-19, 67 (67%) recovered at home, while 33 (33%) required hospitalization."

    "Findings  In this cohort study including 100 patients recently recovered from COVID-19 identified from a COVID-19 test center, cardiac magnetic resonance imaging revealed cardiac involvement in 78 patients (78%) and ongoing myocardial inflammation in 60 patients (60%), which was independent of preexisting conditions, severity and overall course of the acute illness, and the time from the original diagnosis."

    then -   (note well from above -- myocarditis is NOT rare in Covid recovered patients - it's the MAJORITY --

    "Myocarditis is an underdiagnosed cause of acute heart failure, sudden death, and chronic dilated cardiomyopathy (2). • Acute myocarditis is a rare but potentially devastating condition that is most commonly caused by viruses (5). • Myocarditis is present in 10–50% of heart biopsy samples taken from patients with acute dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), which is an important cause of heart failure and heart transplantation, with a prevalence of 36.5 per 100 000 in the USA (1)"
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