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this gold producer question

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    I hold this stock and have to ask the question..
    "Why isn't this stock worth alot more??"

    I may be missing something here but this is what I do know:

    1. Very High Grade and Unhedged Gold Book;
    2. Back to full scale production;
    3. Production estimate of 80,000 -100,000oz this year;
    4. Significant increase in reserves;
    5. Malaysian Smelter Co last week announced as cornerstone investor;
    6. Plenty of cash;
    7. Federal Government support.

    All I can think of is that the market are waiting for first quarter production (and costs), or would like to see reserves increased further. Mine life approx 5 yrs at the moment, however, very prospective and expected to increase with further drilling.

    In addition, funding from Malaysian Smelter Co, to enable increased exploration.

    Can anyone have a look and let me know what I have been missing on this company.

    To me, it looks as though once there is greater attention in this $80m company, then we should see the hsare price really move. My opinion, but again, please share your thoughts.
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