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This could be a +RIPPER+

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    Mistybay and Billygatess have commented on this is the past, but Noggie and Raining gave me some insight that could see this one follow in the same direction as its other stable mates.
    PRR, PBT and SLT all live at the same address:
    Suite 2 , 1233 High Street , ARMADALE , VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, 3143
    All have similar management
    SLT -
    Mr Bryan Frost (Director)
    Mr Jonathan Brett (Director)
    Mr Peter Marks (Director)
    Mr Richard Revelins (Director

    PRR -
    Mr Bryan Frost (Chairman, Executive Director)
    Mr Marcus Clark (CEO)
    Mr Jeremy Cooper (Executive Director)
    Mr Richard Revelins (Executive Director)
    Mr Ian McKenzie (Non Exec. Director)
    Prof. Mark Hogarth (Non Exec. Director)

    PBT -
    Mr Geoffrey Kempler (Chairman)
    Prof. Colin Masters (Executive Director)
    Mr Brian Meltzer (Non Exec. Director)
    Dr George Mihaly (Non Exec. Director)
    Mr Richard Revelins (Company Secretary)
    Brian Frost was a director and secretary of PBT in its infancy...
    All companies have been involved with Peregrine Corporate - - who incidently is run by a few business men who are on the management boards SLT, PRR, PBT

    Peregrine Corporate Stable:
    Bryan Frost, Executive Chairman
    Richard Revelins, Executive Director
    Jeremy Cooper, Executive Director
    Peter Marks, Executive Director

    Frost and Revelins have been with Peregrine since its inception, so you that these two work very well together -
    FOCUS OF ACTIVITIES for Peregrine Corporate
    *Seed capital (early stage)
    *Pre-float capital (expansion or mezzanine stage)
    *IPO or backdoor listings
    *Secondary market offerings
    *Merger or acquisition activity

    and what has happened to the above ASX listed co???
    PRR - 7.9c - 72c 1000%
    PRROB - 3.5c - 50c 1800%
    PBT - 50c - $2.78 500%
    PBTO - 48c - $2.12 500%
    SLT - 12c
    SLTO - 3.7c
    Unfortunately I am unsure what PBT ASX code was before Peregrine turned it into a topline Biotech - Does anyone????? I can assure you though that it was around the 10s and 20s before Peregrine came onboard!

    SO that leaves little old SLT/O with only 30 million shares on issue - I wonder if it will be next???
    Bryan Frost and Richard revelins holds interests in AMN Nominees Pty Ltd, Peregrine Corporate, Peregrine Strategic, QMM Superfund ( Frost), Darontrack Pty Ltd (Revelins). All of the above co's are riddled in SLT, PRR and PBT Top 20s!!!!!!!

    I hear that Mangement of SLT have been in the US for the last few days/weeks and have already stuck a business in SLT ready to go - It is meant to be a ripper and from past performances who would dare knock it until it is done
    Good luck Boys
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