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This bloke is right on MMD and ERG--BK emotion inf

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    I said a little while ago that their would be an announcement on MMD--based on emotion being posted on MMD at Stockhouse by an insider trader.
    Just the truth--Cheers,--Steve.
    Subject: ERG & MMD are off and running
    Newsgroups: aus.investView this article only Date: 2002-06-05 19:11:27 PST
    ----------------------------------------------------- Bought 20,000 erg at 25.5 and another 20,000 at 29. Sold
    40,000 at 37.5 and bought then back at 33 yesterday. All the
    news is good for the company at the moment and they are
    still a good buy. The court case in Sydney, I'm told, will
    nett them some more cash. I rely heavily on a good friend
    who trades in millions and he has told me to buy some more
    ERG and hold them until they reach about 70c (he reckons
    about August/September. Another one of his tips is MMD and I
    have made a few dollars on that one too. Tipped to get to
    2.50 by the end of this year (FDA approval on its new
    For those that are interested.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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