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this also may happen to cvi after ann soon

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    Just had a look on my watchlist and noticed a 90 % rise of SP of CFU after good news.

    I think this can happen to CVI easyly and that would mean a SP of 0,35 $.

    I tried to buy some more shares in Stuttgart but was not successful. I will try again on Thursday morning and wait for closing. Perhaps the sellers give me a chance to buy more 30000 CVI shares.

    Interesting to notice that buying price was at the end of trading Ask was 0,14 Euro = 0,224 A$ a high spread and today it was 0,13 Euro = 0,208 $.

    So you can see how lucky you are on ASX to get CVI so cheap.

    It is the best strategy to remain relaxed and be just patient. If you are a long time holder that would not be too difficult. Am I right?

    Im looking forward for the good things to come...

    Good luck and regards from Germany


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