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    If I may, I'd like to present a line of thought.

    The more we show excitement toward upward price movement (in any share), the more the buyers may resent our obvious display of emotion (read greed). A person's immediate reaction is to not be a patsy, not be suckered.

    Now we all know the market works more on sentiment than results.

    Imagine if we were to be so totally dispassionate toward a stock, reporting only its recognised or considered valuations, its projections, almost to the extent of an accounting exercise. Where would that leave the thousands of Australian and international viewers of this site? Not knowing our sentiment. Not able to drive a market because they don't know the sentiment of the market toward that stock.

    I appreciate that we are both buyers and sellers on any given occasion. And in a community such as this site, we would like to share in profitable information.

    Is there a way to communicate our thoughts to each other that does not give manipulative brokers and major shareholders an inkling as to market sentiment?

    I think I see pigs flying but I thought I'd propose the idea.


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