They're genesies [geneii?] these lefties.

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    Occasionally watch Paul Murray and he had his resident lefty, Troy Bramston? on tonight. After Paul's rant against terrorists Troy had no option but to accept the anti-terrorism laws as they stand, but his recommendations for improvements did not include meta-data retention or anything like that, he said we should be keeping track of those who buy knives, balaclavas and explosives. Is he for real?

    I still have my mother's old carving knife acceptably sharp but how many others can use a steel? A hell of a lot just buy new knives cos they're cheap. Balaclavas? Our fishers and hunters will now have files open in their name. Explosives? Good luck if you know where you can buy them "over the counter". He's a fool.

    But if you think about it, the most extreme intelligence gathering group might have been the Stasi of East Germany. Short of them I can't think of any bunch who would collect such petty data. Troy, we need laws with teeth, not a new version of the Stasi.
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