They Would have died anyway Peter Van Onselen

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    Never mind the drowned boat people. Would have died anyway

    Let’s try that argument out in various permutations.
    As in:

    The 1200 people lured by Labor to their deaths? So what. Would have died anyway. Or been forced to live in some living hell like France.

    The Sri Lankans who drowned trying to get here? Don’t fuss. Would have all been shot back home for certain.

    The Pakistanis who drowned? The Bangladeshis? Faced instant death at home. No surer thing.

    The Iranians with their designer T-shirts who never made it? Don’t sweat it. Hey, aren’t their kind being executed every day back home?

    Now think this thing through.

    Is Van Onselen seriously arguing that every person on the boats is a genuine refugee whose choice is to live here or face certain death at home?

    Or is Van Onselen saying that because asylum seekers could go to, say, Europe instead, that we should take them all without question?

    Hmm. It think we can add this tweet to Sarah Hanson-Young’s shrug of the shoulders: ”Tragedies happen, accidents happen.”

    Or to sum up: don’t tell me a truth I can’t deal with.
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