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they know own 20p of mdx and whats the target

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    now work out how big this could be,do they know more

    The magnetic anomalies extend over 17km and range
    across 250m on the east limb to 2,000m on the west
    · the aeromagnetic data has also indicated further potential
    for hematite mineralisation in an extensive area of
    demagnetisation concealed under cover to the north of the
    northern fold closure (refer to Target Fe5 on Figure 1 which
    follows). Similar demagnetised features associated with
    alteration and hematite development have already been
    outlined from surface sampling at Targets Fe3 and Fe4.
    · preliminary Davis tube work from surface outcrop
    samples of the magnetite mineralisation returned
    concentrates averaging 68.45% Fe with 1.23% SiO2 and
    0.02% Al2O3. This is an encouraging indication for the
    potential of the deeper un-oxidised material to generate
    a commercial magnetite product. Further Davis tube
    work will be carried out once drill samples are available.

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