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..... they have to be kidding !~! warning

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    Hi folks,

    We have all heard about traders and investors
    following the trades of successful high profile
    traders, like Rivkin, Hill and more ..... and
    for some this has been a good strategy.

    However, if we look at the other side of the
    coin, there's a bunch of leaches that ASIC
    should take the time to ban from ever
    holding corporate office again.

    For example, the infamous Vaz Hovanessian,
    of MXS/ECE fame, has the audacity to pass
    around the begging bowl to get ECE up and
    running again, after it was suspended in
    May 2002 ..... this comes after his overseeing
    the MXS debacle earlier, where he only just
    managed to get MXS relisted.

    Now, this may sound like sour grapes and IT IS
    to some degree ..... what riles me is the fact,
    that he destroyed two junior oilers to build
    his shoddy "empire".

    So be warned, if you are offered shares in
    ECE ..... E-com Multi ..... think twice and
    either leave your money in the bank or
    find a stock with some GOOD management.

    hot charts

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Currently unlisted public company.

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