they cant get buyers for new homes

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    And in 3 years you get stuck with the Big Fat Lemmon
    that you paid too much for..
    Wake up and buy now
    Buy a brand-new Simonds display home today and we'll lease it back for up to 36 months at a guaranteed return of 8% per annum.* In today's low interest rate climate where rental returns are averaging 3.5-5%, a guaranteed 8% is a very wise investment that will not only pay for itself, but generate a positive cash flow until you're ready to move in, sell or re-lease the property at the end of the lease term. The term varies depending on the estate - check with your consultant for projected handover dates.
    Tenants with TLC
    Over the lease period we'll continue to maintain your home and its landscaped garden to perfection as a flagship Simonds display home. And it will be surrounded by other superbly maintained Simonds homes.
    What's for sale?
    We have 40 magnificent display homes left (dozens have already sold!) and several vacant blocks (currently used as car parks) for sale in sought-after locations.
    Homes with the lot
    No extras. Each home includes mature landscaped gardens, quality carpets, light-fittings and window coverings. You can even purchase the homes' display furniture now and only pay half wholesale price. This is a special offer exclusive to Simonds Homes and historically, these houses sell fast.
    What does Simonds do at lease-end?
    On termination of the lease Simonds ensures the following works are completed:
    removal of all flag poles and advertising signs
    remove the fencing erected to the front of the property for security and display home purposes
    supply and install a current-specification hot water system
    ensure that the condition of all the appliances, ie. ducted heating, airconditioning, hot water service, security system, dishwasher etc. are in working order
    steam clean the carpets and touch-up paintwork
    arrange for a standard timber paling fence to the rear and to the two side boundaries
    arrange for the sprinkler system to be fitted to the property and in working order
    Who is responsible for rates and insurances?
    During the course of the lease, Simonds is responsible for:
    actual water consumed on the property during the lease period
    taking out and keeping current and insurance cover in the names of the Lessor and Lessee for public risk for $5 million and
    taking out and keeping current contents insurance for full replacement value thereof and produce satisfactory evidence of insurance cover on written request by the Lessor.
    8% guaranteed annual return on the purchase price of the property under the Simonds lease-back scheme
    During the same period, the lessor is responsible for the following outgoings:

    water rates
    land tax
    council rates
    property insurance
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