these folk have in common - what?

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    These are the people-

    * Presidential adviser Jessica Stern

    * CIA agent Robert Baer

    * right-wing US Senator Chuck Hagel

    * Bishop of Oxford Richard Harries

    * Iraqi exile Haifa Zangana

    * Ambassador Andrew Green

    * British Major-General Patrick Cordingley


    I can not see any way that even the most rabid right-wing philosophers here on HotCopper could class them as "left-wing, muslim-loving, pacifist, dreaming, effeminate, socialist pooftas - etc etc etc" -- but then again I'm probably wrong in making that assumption.

    So what do they have in common?

    I intend to watch The Cutting Edge on SBS 8.30pm Tuesday 21st to find out.

    Some of you folk might too.

    BWDIK eh.

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