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    Yes they do need to do something different.

    A good start would be to get rid of Europe and trade freely with the rest of the world - set its own tarriffs low and reduce the cost of living for the ordinary Native Brit. Europe as it exists today will not do so in ten years - to stay in will mean being part of an even bigger social and financial calamity in a few years time.

    The next thing they they need to do is drastically reduce immigration from busted a parts of the world - the migrants coming in are only after a hand out - they have nearly broken the NHS. The NHS should only be available to people who have contributed to the system.

    Parents cannot get their children into schools because the schools are overcrowded with non English speaking kids - more handouts in the form of special classes for these kids.
    Britain should encourage the welfare shoppers and groups who do not wish to integrate to move on - probably worth giving them a one off payment to bugger off!

    There should be a program to get Native Brits back into work with positive discrimination - much as we do here in Australia for the native population.

    The UK has been in decline - that much is obvious to anyone who hails from the place. The reasons for the decline though are what need to be examined very closely - some of the ills of the county are so bloody obvious though they need no real scrutiny - they just need action to get them sorted - which the current mob of politicians in The British Parliament do not seem capable of - or perhaps they are in fact effective, but treasonous

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