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theres some serious respect for brm

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    Yes, it's me again, the prospective BRM holder. Not bought yet, just trying to time my buy into BRM bigtime. Now I was just thinking about today's IO plays & how they fared:

    AGO -> -0.085 to 0.620 cents (Excellent first drill results from Weld Range, MOU with Talison)

    UMC -> -0.020 to 0.530 cents
    MGX -> Suspended from trading to 0.405 cents (Producer & Shipper of IO)
    GBG -> 0.350 cents (unchanged)

    BRM -> + 0.01 to 0.510 cents

    The Predator in BHP circling like a vulture potentially eyeing off BRM & AGO. I wonder if this is simply not just a rumor???

    Swan declaring 3rd party access open to BHP & RIO's rail network.

    Normally a string of potential events to send the BRM SP sky-high but we're in a bear market. Even if BHP declare their intention of taking over BRM, how much of a SP jump could one expect if at all in these times of mindless share-trading???

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