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there wont be enough humble pie

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    Hands up those slow learners who deserve a serve of humble pie ....

    I can't believe the number of so-called traders who think they are smart enough to argue with a strong stock.

    I bought FMG at $0.35 and sold them for $0.70 in late 2003. Ever then the funnymentalists have been squawking that FMG is not worth it. Don't these guys learn!!!

    Basic rule .. something is worth what you can get for it !!

    Argue with that basic principle and expect to donate your capital to the market.

    Another basic rule for newbies .... the market values stocks based on EXPECTATION of what the FUTURE holds. Those who are bleating about MAK being a long way from mining bla bla bla are showing their total lack of understanding of how the market works.


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