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there was movement at the station

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    "there was movement at the station for the word had passed around that the colt from old regret had......."
    I can sense some conflicting buy and sell orders being thought about as to whether to buy or sell at the moment, it's always an interesting call isn't it, whether to sell and see the news shoot the price up a few days after selling and then regretting selling or holding off to buy thinking the price might go lower and offer a better entry level but then regretting not buying earlier if the news comes out and the price shoots up to say 5c and then looking at what could have been.....regrets all round and the colt gets away. Always a tough decision.

    A good buy order just half fulfilled at 2.5c and the 3m seller at 2.6c has had more than a million reduced on Friday to be under 2m now. That's the biggest seller for some time and once they have cleared there could well be some increased volumes as the "old regret" thoughts . The higher sell volume totals ar new sellers listing up in the 5c and above levels,in expectation ?
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