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Interesting to note BSR was a 30c plus company during...

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    Interesting to note BSR was a 30c plus company during exploration stage back in 2009-2010

    Comparison of BSR chart with Brent Cooks Life Cycle of a Junior Mining company and you can see the price potential past the "Orphan Period". Subject to the successful start of gold mining operation.

    Interesting reads:
    The Life Cycle of a Junior Mining Share: Northern Vertex Moving towards 2017 Gold Production

    At the moment there is very little institution holding BSR. We hope from now on the management will start to market BSR to institution investor. No point having the best mine but no body aware of company potentials.

    Top 20 Shareholders

    Top 20 Shareholders

    About the Data

    Ten Luxton Pty Ltd150,000,0006.56%
    BCM International Limited117,648,3525.14%
    Yarrawah Pty Ltd63,000,0002.75%
    UBS Nominees Pty Ltd50,302,2522.20%
    Advanced Tactics SMSF Limited47,028,6242.06%
    Diazill Pty Limited43,331,9901.89%
    Mr John Henry Matterson42,520,0001.86%
    Senegal Nominees SARL39,223,9301.71%
    ACN 106 289 589 Pty Ltd38,500,0001.68%
    Neville Jeffery & Christine Grace Noble32,300,0001.41%
    Shipbark Pty Ltd32,050,0001.40%
    Navigator Australia Ltd31,726,2151.39%
    HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia)29,064,1031.27%
    Garry Temple Pty Ltd27,600,0001.21%
    Mr David Kenneth Swan23,280,3461.02%
    Mr Craig Newman21,497,7330.94%
    Mr Robert Barry Stuart20,139,4230.88%
    Rundal Holdings Pty Ltd19,519,3840.85%
    Mr Carlos Goncalves18,560,6770.81%
    Mr Andrew Nikolaus Mauderer17,451,6460.76%
    All other shareholders62.21 %

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