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    I've now asked Nigel Smart for his stockmarket tips, given his psychological demolition of Collingwood during the week. Just finished watching the game for the 3rd time. More than happy with the performance (especially Matthew Clarke and the big" Rhett one).

    My wife, a subdued doggies fan from way back, but now a closet Crows fan, was this morning scanning the player lists for prospective baby names (our first was named after Liptak and my personal favourite, Robran).

    I suspect that even George Bisset (step-father of a good friend of ours, and who herself is a mad Doggies and Hawks fan - her mother was one of the key organisers of the save Footscray campaign of the early 90s), and a former Doggies great, and latter day Collingwood player would have enjoyed last night. We tend to catch up 2 -3 times a year, and often talk about Adelaide, its prospects and how the season is progressing.

    Seriously though, the one historical fact that is undeniable because it repeats itself year in, year out - Footy's back, and that's great (irrespective of whether it's AFL, League, Code, or local).

    Go, the Crows!!! Go, the Redlegs!!! And go, footy!!!!

    [Disclaimer: Born in SA, lived in country city there till 1990, in Melbourne ever since, but never forgotten]
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