there is no uncertainty because history always rep

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    I can never understand why people panic due to uncertainty. I’m no prophet but check out my 2003 predictions below, all listed on the belief that history repeats.

    1. First the war will be short and the US will kick Saddam's backside

    2. Second the markets will bounce back in the after glow of an easy victory

    3. Collingwood will talk themselves up, only to underachieve again

    Did you hear their Coaches speech from last year's grand final on the footy show? With a negative message of don’t stuff it up in their heads. It is no wonder they cant take the next step. Opposition teams know this and are now showing no respect like they deserve. They now using the media to crush them psychologically before the ball is even bounced.

    In my opinion the coach needs to be sacked.

    Thanks for the great entertainment Collingwood - Go Crows
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