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    FYI. I just posted this on the STB thread. For what it is worth, the STB publicity is good for RWD but I don't think there is any possibility of STB production or JV's etc from LD in the future.


    An intelligent question and worthy of response.

    There are a number of naturally potassium sulphate salts, usually containing Mg however (ie not arcanite). These salts need to be washed in the right conditions to purify the raw evapourite into K2SO4. I'm not a Chemist but Mick Ruane is (RWD's MD) and has experince in salt processing so perhaps call him and he can explain further. The Lake Dissapointment brine is very similar in Mg-SO4-K concentration and ratios to the Great Salt Lake in Utah. Until RWD conduct and testing on brine evapouration and processing we wont know exactly but I think it useful to review say GSL SOP operations in Utah and the process flowsheet there. Rest assured it will precipitate out after the NaCl and major Mg salts have dropped out during evapourative concentration.

    Your second point is crucial and the reason I warned HC tarders about STB leases yesterday. The average depth of Lake Dissapointment under RWD lease is 4.1m and given the subsurface nature of the brine, hydroloigcal requirements for commercial SOP production are significant factor. A very large area with significant recharge is essential to supply the brine production requirements given the shallow depth of the lake. Significant ground water recharge is required to maintain brine equilibrium at high production rates.

    Lake Dissapointment is fed from the west (Savory Ck) and from the south and only reaches the northern part of STB's eastern lease during high water levels. The southern salt pan in STB lease is a stranded depression located in the nose of a ENE plunging synclinal fold. Seperated from the LD drainage proper it would collect only very local runoff and perhaps rare super-flood events. IMO there is an insufficient brine reservoir or recharge on STB leases for the contemplation of commercial SOP production (which is why it wasn't pegged no doubt).

    I wish STB luck in their endeavours and the shares might be undervalued based on their other projects but HC is all about sharing opinions and research to make less mistakes and more money. I will not post on STB again because I am not a holder and have had my say.

    goodluck and as always ... DYOR.

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