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theory of ept relativity

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    Here is my EPT theory of relativity for all to follow or completely dismiss. In the absence of any announcements up until the FDR meeting 7 October. If announcemnts before then are forthcoming please disregard this theory.

    This stocks minimal value is 51c at present based on the placement and what can be sourced out re the company. Therefore if you sell for under 51c you could be presumed to be a goose. However if you must sell under 51c at your loss it becomes good news for the buyer.

    I would encourage people to pick their own entry and exit points under the 51c mark. Your strategy should be profit in the 40's not lose money, so short sells are the order of the day(until announcemts of course). I do not go in for charting much, money is to be made at many charting stages. The theory is simple, do not sell at a loss, if you sell under 51c it is your own fault at present and others deserve to prosper from your mistake.

    If there are no sellers at below 51c we all should profit in time at varying degrees. However if you sell my entry point is 43-45c depending on my mood swings. My exit point point is anything from 47-53 depending on mood swings(if I buy at 43-45) Good luck all.
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