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    It has probably been said before,
    but why, oh why, does anyone give this illiterate w*nk*er the time of day by ever referencing his comments.

    If we all just ignore it, it wont go away, but we can get on with our own intelligent and serious analysis.

    At first I thought this guy was some bored 16 yr old, but since he is on here so often, at all times of day, he is more likely some poor lonley old deads*it, who has no friends, and no life beyond his crazed ramblings on here (and probably on other sites as well). Most likely on some pension where he has to watch the pennies to sustain a meagre existence.

    I pity you, you pathetic wretched moron, get a life.
    And dont bother commenting on this post... it will go unanswered, at least by me.
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