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    FEDERAL Education Minister Christopher Pyne got a little snippy on radio today during a discussion about submarines in SA. Then things got incredibly awkward.

    It all started when a listener sent a text to ABC 891, accusing Mr Pyne of last November voting against submarines being built in Adelaide.

    The Liberal MP angrily rebutted the accusation, saying he had actually voted against a censure motion by Labor in the Senate, over the then defence minister David Johnston.

    “Your listener put to me that I voted against subs being built in Adelaide. That is a factual mistake,” Mr Pyne angrily told 891 breakfast hosts Matt Abraham and David Bevan.

    Asked if he felt he was being picked on, he retorted: “I just think it’s remarkable that every Wednesday you manage to get a listener through who always manages to criticises me on your program.”

    “It’s remarkable that there’s never one who asks Mark Butler (Federal Labor MP) a question ... it must be just a coincidence.”

    Things then went from bad the worse.

    When asked if he wanted listeners’ negative text messages about him read on-air or not, he opted for a very long and uncomfortable silence.

    Listen to the full interview above.|heading|homepage|homepage&itmt=1423631236947
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