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    TheGod and whatever other aliases that you go under (that have probably been banned from HC) you sure have your "finger on the pulse" on a part of the lower half of your anatomy that is.

    You are the one that's begining to sound like a frustrated and desperate poster. I have nothing to be frustrated about given my returns from the market over the last 2 years have been 36% in 2001 and 49% in 2002 YTD.

    Did most of my purchasing of Gold shares in late 1999 and throughout 2000 when you were still burning your fingers on tech rubbish!

    "galloper, Maybe its due to the fact that I have my finger on the pulse compared to you with your hand on it constantly.

    Are you yet another of these frustated posters that have missed the easiest trades on the market?

    Obviously!! Bultana was right and you are definately one that knows nothing and offers little. That's a sign you are going down the gurlar like the others."

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