the year ahead for resource specs

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    Right now is the calm before the storm, we are going to see massive rises in Iron ore and all associated metals in the steel industry. Nickel, Zinc, Copper , Oil and Gas.

    The World is not getting any smaller, the Growth rates are not coming down, the USA cannot obtain enough steel for its own infrastructure growth. A bidding war will erupt between China, Japan and the USA for raw materials.

    The future is looking very very bright for the small spec end of town. We will have our Micro movements pertaining to individual stocks but believe me the trend is only up in the Macro view. I cannot be dead certain but this run could go for 2 to 5 years and even beyond.

    The Gold market will come back strong in the second half of this year but the one to realy watch is the Silver market.

    There is NO fundermental reason for the Resource sector to do a backwards march, I say 3 steps forward and on step back.

    Hope all you Dudes make a Motza out of the real bull market in the spec shares.
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