the world's greates hoax

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    God. God in all its forms and variations is the worlds greatest hoax....the Jewish God, The Christian God (not forgetting the son and the spook), the Islamic God (Allah), The Budhist God (Budha?), The sun god, the moon god, the rain god et al; all the inventions of mankind to gain advantage over others.

    'God' is also the world's biggest fraud racket used to extort money and wealth from the many and transfer it to the hands of the few that control the rackets....the Italians didn't invent the mob or mafia. Record has it some Persians and Arabs who called themselves jews invented a sole god but there were versions before...The god of thunder, the god of wind,rain,fire etc.

    Scribes wrote down what it suited the core racket controllers to have the populations of the time believe in order to suit the ends of the gang. Some of it turned out to be good stuff if you believe in being nice to your fellow man and some of it not very nice at all but all of it was written for a controlling purpose AT THE TIME. Those that still want to be controlled that way can still divvy up some funds to the respective mobsters to keep them in business but those that want to get out from under can tell them where to place there lies.

    Make no mistake, there was no Adam and Eve, the Red Sea never divided, there was no great flood and 'god' never promised anything to anybody. It was all a hoax in order that people could further their own ends in a world of ignorance and illiteracy. The tragedy is many people are today still taken in by the fraudsters, we even have some good friends on HC so inclined.

    If you are one of the mobsters or a subscriber I make no apologies, its just that life and the posts get a bit boring at lunch time.

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