The world vs Iraq

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    Can somebody please explain the difference betwen the "weapons of mass destruction" which are CLAIMED to be in Iraq's possession, and the "weapons of mass destruction" which the world know's are possessed by the USA?

    Moreover, what would be the response of the USA if another country (Russia?) demanded the right to inspect the full extent of the USA weapons capability - and if they refused they were threatended with invasion?

    I have held back for as long as I could before voicing my views on this subject.

    I have no knowledge (naturally) of what type of weapons Iraq has. But I do know that before any country gets sucked into a beef with Iraq they need to gather their own facts. Never trust the USA who have always acted primarilly in their own interests.

    As a final note of controversy, and to get the HC lads all fired up, why should Australia or the rest of the world be at the USA's calling for support?

    Remember WW2? America was content to see the rest of the world at war for a full 3 years before becoming actively involved - and only then it was because Japan bombed Pear Harbour.

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