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    If a spill is successful, then Australia will have had 6 Prime Minister's in about 8 years.

    When the Country is teetering, some dills in Parliament want to add to the Country's woes.
    There will be no hope for the future of resources in this Country if Malcolm Turnbull or the Labor Party are returned. Investment dollars will be kept from our shores as there will be uncertainty returning....kick resources when they are down....Shorten wanting to re-introduce a carbon and mining tax and possibly Malcolm Turnbull following as well.

    Tony Abbott has kicked a couple of own goals but he has achieved a lot as well. He has earned respect on the World stage. It appears Tony Abbott was personally involved in the lobbying for the release of Peter Greste, along with many supporters and his family. Funny, I haven't heard one word of thanks for Abbott and his Government's involvement.

    It's funny really, Tony Abbott, so Australian, but it appears this characteristic is now a liability.

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