XJO 0.84% 6,760.7 s&p/asx 200

the wonderful bull boom to continue...

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    Just thought we'd better get some proper headings up on your monitors...

    Futures up
    10-year yield bond down
    Commodity cycle + China
    Inflation stable
    1+9+8+7 does not equal 2+0+0+7

    Yes, I know most of your are short.
    Yes, I am long.

    My honest opinion is that the Dow will rally over 50 points tonight, and probably closer to 100 - but who knows exactly how much. And our market will rally tomorrow, thursday, and will fall or remain flat on friday.

    Based on the itch between on my left big toe, I know that the SPX will remain above 1490, and that the All ords will open up 50 points.
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