the whole world is a mess...

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    Where is the good news???

    • UK to propose deadline for Saddam

    • Billionaire killed in Bulgaria

    • N. Korea may test 2nd missile

    • Rebels attack Indian refinery

    • Farmer confesses to Beijing bombs

    • U.S. imposes sanctions on Mugabe

    • Joint armies in Congo peace deal

    • Soldier is sole crash survivor

    • U.S. setting up military base in Saudi Arabia

    • Turkish troops on road to Iraq

    • UK troops 'ready to invade Iraq'

    • U.S. lawmakers arrive in Cuba for talks

    • More than 500 homes burn in Medellin

    • Pro-Chavez lawmaker briefly held

    • New Iraq vote Tuesday?

    • Pakistan president's nephew arrested in U.S.

    • Team probing NASA's shuttle communications

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