the weak link in the tech war

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    Is there one?We are watching a tech war being fought against a non tech adversary.It is being pointed out that smaller numbers of ground troops are necessary due to the development of new weapons,air power and satellite pictures and communications.This sounds all very well in the present war but I wonder whether the argument would stand up in a war between tech nations.The weak link would be the transmissions of information to missiles,aircraft,smart bombs etc.Satellites and airborne radar are extensively used.However how would an army in the field manage when their communications are knocked out,if that is possible.You would have a situation of a small army amongst a large population...close to what you have in Iraq.I have no idea if these knock out weapons exist although I have read of intentions to develop them.It is a risky strategy to rely on hi technology too much in warfare as it has a habit of breaking down;this could be fatal on the battlefield.
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