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the waves in spain

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    "Wave in Spain

    The first wave energy machine to be connected to Europe?s electricity grid has been commissioned in Spain. The 296kW plant is sited in Mitruku in the northern Basque region, and was built at a cost of $3.1 million, using technology from a joint venture between Siemens and Voith.

    According to a Bloomberg report, the Mutriku plant uses oscillating water column technology, in which turbines are attached to a breakwater to generate power as air is pressurized and de-pressurized by waves. There are 16 turbines in this installation. Voith has operated similar but smaller plants in Scotland and Portugal.

    Spain plans to install 100MW of marine energy capacity by 2020, and a total of 26 marine energy projects are being developed in the country with a combined value of $330 million, according to Spanish renewable energy lobby Asociacion de Productores de Energias Renovables."
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