the water's lovely here in iraq boyo

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    US helicopter downed in Baghdad

    A US helicopter has been shot down near Baghdad in the latest violence aimed at American forces stationed in Iraq.

    The crew escaped without injury.

    The Apache helicopter was downed by what US Central Command called hostile fire west of Baghdad.

    Two additional helicopters went to its aid, resulting in a gunbattle with armed Iraqis on the ground.

    The shooting came after a night of violence in Western Iraq which resulted in several Iraqi deaths.

    US troops this week launched a strike on several communities around the capital, seizing 400 Iraqis and large quantities of weapons and ammunition.

    The raids were aimed at eradicating Baath Party loyalists and paramilitary groups.

    Meanwhile in the northern city of Mosul, violent clashes broke out after former soldiers tried to storm the government building demanding their salaries.
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