The war IS AGAINST Islam

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    G'day folks,

    Now that trading is over for the day I will put my thoughts down. Having not entered this particular debate area for quite a time and having pondered the matter for a while decided now is the time to speak. For those that do not know, I certainly qualify as a sceptic and most probably as an atheist so I have no particular barrow to push.

    The headline is what I believe to be the case which does not mean to say the war is against muslims in general. The position in Israel/Palestine is more of a side show - that is more of a family fued with each side taking turns at being the terroist.

    The Islamic 'church' is about where the christian church was five hundred years ago in terms of the stranglehold it tried to exercise over people, their actions and the assault on what they would have regarded as infidels (savages to them). The christian church has moved on as individuals have seen through the smoke and mirrors and who have also been able to become economically independent (in some cases courtesy of the welfare state).

    In the last two, and particularly the last, decades we have witnessed the most recent round of globalisation or homoginisation of the world. In this movement we have seen some socities (and groups) marginalised in the short term (see the WTO demonstrations) and much of that marginalisation has been of lesser developed countries, some of which have been held back by the ruling elite.

    Islamic countries are a prime group that have been marginalised as they is a revolt against homoginisation led against the mullahs/clerics who control those societies and fear loss of control and power. They will eventually lose that battle but in the mean time they are taking islam to the extreme in an endeavour to maintain control. Their version of 'may the wrath of god be upon you'.

    The battle is not therefore against terrorism it is against the heart of the Islamic church to endeavour to pursade it to modernise and to create a new direction for its followers. To those who believe that Australia should concentrate its battle front at home they should remember that in order to destroy weeds in the garden cutting the tops off does not resolve a thing, the need is to dig the roots out.

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