the usa and greenspan are too big to lose ... eh!

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    For the many who think this way, the following is an excerpt from an article addressing many questions:-

    Question #10. One small problem with your proposed plan to establish a gold/silver oriented monetary system. It will result in the end of the massive profits of fractional reserve banking to those who currently own the system. The power elites will never allow anyone to end their monopoly. You are wasting your time.

    This is the type of thinking that ushers in all the dictatorships of history and allows them to prevail. It is what Ayn Rand meant when she wrote about the "sanction of the victim" in Atlas Shrugged. It is the mindset that all dictatorial elites try to inculcate. Once they have convinced the populace that reform is impossible, then they have won the day for their tyrannical rule. The Pharaohs, the Caesars, the Monarchies, the 20th century fascist and communist dictators all worked to cultivate a servile populace that would give up and sanction their own enslavement. Regrettably there are a number of Americans today who are willing to do so. They have let the Mind Snatchers brainwash them into believing that to rebel and reform is pointless.

    As I point out in Breaking the Demopublican Monopoly, "I fully realize the strength of the ruling establishment and the odds that a challenge like this is up against. But I see overwhelming challenge as rampant throughout history. I see that all progress in forming better, freer societies only comes about because there are certain people in this world (the Thomas Jeffersons and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyns) who just don't allow immense power structures to bother them or dissuade them."

    When Jefferson and Paine rallied the American colonists to rise up and resist King George's tyrannical rule, they were appealing to those humans whose nature is to fight for truth and freedom even though one's opposition seems insurmountable. They were calling out to those stalwart souls who believe life to be a crucible, rather than a banquet, who believe that men were not meant to meekly comply with would be usurpers, that men must stand and be counted on the side of "right principle," or their lives are naught but a meander in meaninglessness.

    When Solzhenitsyn and Walesa rallied their fellow countrymen against the Soviet Gargantua, they were calling out for the same breed of men that Jefferson and Paine appealed to. It is this breed that has always been willing to challenge the dictatorial authorities of history no matter how intimidating they appear.

    Because of the coming economic maelstrom, the people will soon be clamoring for some radical voices to lead them. You the reader can ignore this crisis and choose to accept the establishment dogma about the "impossibility of ever changing the system." Or you can choose the contrarian fight that the Jeffersons and Solzhenitsyns of history have so gallantly exemplified.

    If a free America is to survive, she needs radical monetary reform, not timorous complicity to the Darth Vaders of Washington and Wall Street. This will require a large measure of courage and determination on the part of all of us; but our only alternative is to give up and allow the forces of evil to win by default. How can we Americans, scions of Jefferson and Paine that we are, ever rest easy if we allow such a capitulation to take place?

    The full article Gold's Future as Money - Q & Aby Nelson Hultbergby is available at


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