VCR ventracor limited

the us and lvads shares.

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    They certainly like these in the US and price Thoratec very highly.

    It made a heavy loss 2 years ago, made 1 cent per share last year and is most likely to earn 8 cents per share this year, all very poor numbers.

    The prospective P/E (31 Dec. 2003) is a phenominal 178 based on the current price of $US14.22.

    In Oz they would probably allocate it a P/E of 25 at the most and that would bring the share price down to $US 2.00.

    So, it does show how high the US hold their Biotechs in regard compared with the pityful display by the Aussies and NZrs.

    So, next time one complains about the high price of VCR, it would be worthwhile thinking about the US enchantment with Biotechs and particularly the LVADS.

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