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    re: to fall guy - again--- gold cover clause - sin Hi again Fg,

    If your last post was to me, please realise I fully understand all of that and have for a long time.

    Sinclair believes the Gold Cover will be raised when the USDX nears 70. Last time I looked (yesterday) it was 102.+, so he's still looking at the US$ falling 30% from its current level before the gold cover is reintroduced.

    Even then, it will not be anywhere near 100% cover, more likely 10 - 15% ... because to go higher would mean the POG would be unbelievably high (like $32,000+/oz!).

    Given those two presumptions, there is every likelyhood that gold will rise (dare I say it) majestically from it's current levels.

    I think I'll stay on board for the long run.


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