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    Note there's a vote on whether to condemn Israel.....not one even considered to condemn the Palestinian

    And ya rekon they're even-handed???

    Ya rekon Israel will ever get a fair deal from them???

    Not in this world.....

    Bunch of f#ckwits.....

    UN Security Council vote condemning Israeli air raid delayed

    United Nations Security Council members agreed to
    delay a vote on a proposed resolution
    condemning an Israeli air raid on a purported
    Palestinian training base nowthwest of Damascus,
    until Monday afternoon at the earliest.

    The Security Council met in an
    emergency session Sunday after
    Syria complained that the air
    raid threatened regional peace
    and stability.

    U.S. diplomats said the
    resolution text, which made no
    reference to attacks on Israel,
    would not be adopted in its current form.

    Israel continues "to flout the Charter of the
    United Nations to the point that Arabs and many
    people across the globe feel that Israel is
    above the law," Syrian UN Ambassador Fayssal
    Mekdad said at the meeting and called for an
    immediate vote on the resolution.

    Syria, the only Arab country on the council, was
    seeking a resolution from the 15-member council
    condemning the Israeli air strike and calling
    on Israel to halt actions that could result in
    "uncalculated consequences that would endanger
    the peace in the region."

    Israeli Ambassador Dan Gillerman, speaking after
    Mekdad, accused Syria of
    providing "safe harbor, training facilities,
    funding, logistical support" to terrorist

    He said it was ironic that Syria which Israel
    accuses of harboring terrorists, should call
    for a meeting to condemn the attack and
    compared it to Osama bin Laden demanding a
    Security Council meeting after the Sept. 11

    Gillerman also expressed anger that the meeting
    was called just before the holiest Jewish
    holiday, Yom Kippur.

    U.S. Ambassador John Negroponte did not directly
    condemn the Israel airstrike, but instead
    called on "all sides to avoid heightening
    tensions and to think carefully about the
    consequences of their actions."

    He blamed Syria for harboring terrorists.

    "The United States believes that Syria is on the
    wrong of the side of the war on terrorism," he
    said. "We believe it is in Syria's interest,
    and in the broader interest of Middle East
    peace, for Syria to stop harboring and
    supporting the groups that perpetrate acts such
    as the one that occurred yesterday."

    Other council diplomats condemned both Israel's
    airstrike in Syria as well as the bombing in
    Haifa, although they said Israel's retaliation
    action was not justified.

    "We think this attack is an unacceptable
    violation of the international law," said
    France's Ambassador Jean-Marc de La Sabliere.

    Britain's Ambassador Emyr Jones Parry said,
    "Israel's action today is unacceptable and
    represents an escalation."

    "Israel should not allow its justified anger at
    continuing terrorism to lead to actions that
    undermine both the peace process and we believe
    Israel's own interests," he added.

    Jones Parry, however, also sounded a sympathetic
    note for Israel.

    "We have to recognize that terrorists are
    continuing to attack Israel and are being
    permitted to do so," he said. "Allowing
    impunity to those committed to using terrorism
    as a political instrument serves only to
    undermine peace and prevent progress in the
    Middle East progress."

    Pakistan's Ambassador Munir Akram also called
    Israel's attack "a violation of international

    "We urge the council to speedily adopt the
    decision to condemn this military aggression
    and to uphold the sovereignty and territorial
    integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic," he

    UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan condemned the
    air strike, and a statement from his office
    said the UN chief was concerned that the
    "escalation of an already tense and difficult
    situation has the potential to broaden the
    scope of current conflicts in the Middle

    Syrian Foreign Minister Farouk al-Sharaa lodged
    his country's complaint to Annan and the
    president of the Security Council, which is the
    United States during the month of October.

    In a letter, al-Sharaa urged the Security
    Council to "immediately hold a session to
    discuss the Israeli aggression against Syrian
    territories and the measures the council ought
    to take to deter the Israeli government from
    following a provocative, aggressive policy
    against Syria."

    "Syria is not incapable of creating a resisting
    and deterring balance that forces Israel to
    review its" actions, the letter said.

    Al-Sharaa urged the Security Council to
    "condemn, deter and prevent the repetition of
    this dangerous development that threatens
    regional and international security and

    Israeli warplanes hit terrorist camp in Syria
    Israeli warplanes attacked an alleged training
    camp used by a number of anti-Israeli and
    Islamic militant groups on the Syria-Lebanon
    border on Sunday, in retaliation for a suicide
    bombing that killed 19 people in Israel.

    It was the first time in decades that Israel has
    carried out strikes inside Syria.

    The U.S. called for restraint on all sides on
    Sunday. "We urge all sides to exercise
    restraint and to keep in mind the consequences
    of their actions," the State Department said in
    a statement.

    The State Department added that extremist
    groups, including Islamic Jihad, were present
    in Syria and it described Syria as a state
    sponsor of terror.

    Meanwhile, a senior aide to Prime Minister Ariel
    Sharon said that Israel could launch new
    attacks on Syria if Damascus continues to
    shelter terrorist organizations.

    In a statement reporting the raid, the Israel
    Defense Forces said air forces carried out the
    attack "deep inside Syrian territory."

    The IDF statement said "the army has started
    operating against those behind the attack,
    those who support (terror) and those who use
    the strategy of terror in order to harm
    citizens of Israel."

    Syria said on Sunday the Israeli airstrike had
    targeted a civilian site near Damascus in a
    "grave escalation" of tensions in the Middle

    In a letter to the United Nations seen by
    Reuters, Foreign Minister Farouq al-Shara said
    Syria was capable of deterring Israel but would
    exercise restraint over the raid. He also
    called for an immediate Security Council
    session to discuss the Israeli action.

    But UN sources said that it had yet to receive
    the letter.

    A diplomatic source said that Syria plans to ask
    the United Nations Security Council to hold a
    special session to discuss the attack. "I
    they will make an official complaint," the
    source said.

    A Syrian Foreign Ministry statement said the
    "urgent complaint ... will clarify (Syria's)
    position" to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan
    and the UN Security Council.

    George Jabbour, a member of Syria's parliament,
    ruled out a military response, saying Syria
    will have to deal rationally with the attack.
    "The military option has conditions, among them
    that it be beneficial" to Syria, said Jabbour.

    Military responses have not always proved to be
    of benefit to Syria, he said. Israel has
    military might, and Syria has a strong legal
    position, said Jabbour.

    Palestinian sources in Beirut said Israeli
    warplanes raided a facility belonging to Ahmed
    Jibril's Popular Front for the Liberation of
    Palestine (PFLP), injuring one man. In addition
    to PFLP members, terrorists from Islamic Jihad,
    Hamas and al Qaeda also utilized the camp for
    training. Among the buildings hit in the raid
    was a weapons workshop used by Islamic Jihad.

    Military sources said that the base was selected
    as a target because of the central role that
    Islamic Jihad played in the Haifa bombing. The
    decision to carry out the raid was made in
    response to the bombing 12 hours earlier in

    "The Islamic Jihad, like other terror
    organisations ... enjoys the support and
    backing of countries in the region - foremost
    Iran and Syria," the army statemebnt said.

    "Syria is a country that sponsors terror and
    constantly tries to sabotage any attempt to
    achieve quiet and stability in the region.
    Israel will not accept the rules of the game
    that the terrorists are trying to dictate, and
    will act with determination against all who
    harm its citizens, in accordance with the right
    to self defense and defense of the state."

    Undated footage of the camp released by the IDF
    and taken from Iranian television shows a
    military officer conducting a tour of the camp.
    In one room were displayed hundreds of weapons,
    including grenades with Hebrew markings and
    other weapons apparently captured from Israel.
    Another scene showed a series of underground
    tunnels packed with arms and ammunition.

    Syrian surprise
    Syrian commentators expressed surprise at the
    Israeli strike, since Damascus has repeatedly
    claimed that it does not have any Islamic Jihad
    training bases on it soil. Syrian sources say
    that Israel is ‘playing with fire,; and
    that the situation could rapidly deteriorate
    into regional conflict. There has been no
    official Syrian reaction to the attack.

    Speaking on the al-Jazeera television network,
    Abu Emad El-Refaei, an Islamic Jihad spokesman
    in Beirut, Lebanon, denied that there were any
    Islamic Jihad bases in Syria.

    "We do not have any training camps or bases in
    Syria or any other country," he said. "All our
    bases are inside the Palestinian occupied

    A senior commander for the radical
    Damascus-based Popular Front for the
    Liberation of Palestine-General Command told The
    Associated Press in Damascus that the camp was
    one of their deserted bases, not on an Islamic
    Jihad camp. A civilian guard was injured in the
    attack, the commander said.

    Syrian sources believe that the attack was
    carried out by IAF warplanes flying low over
    Lebanese territory and then crossing into

    According to the Syrians, the camp was populated
    by civilians unconnected to any terror group.
    Damascus will now turn to diplomatic channel in
    response to the raid, including a request for
    the UN Security Council to condemn Israel.

    'Axis of terror between Tehran, Damascus and
    "We will not tolerate the continuation of this
    axis of terror between Tehran, Damascus and
    Gaza to continue to operate and kill innocent
    men, women and children," Raanan Gissin, a
    spokesman for Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told

    Israel could launch new attacks on Syria if the
    country continues to shelter "terrorist
    organisations who are preparing anti-Israeli
    attacks," he added. "The operation that took
    place early morning today was intended to send
    that message off to Syria as well to the
    leaders of the Islamic Jihad and Hamas."

    Israel had not yet determined if any people were
    killed, Gissin said. "This was a measured
    response," he said. "We did not attack Syrian
    targets, but very specific camps used to train
    the terrorists."

    The last similar raid was on April 16, 2001,
    when IAF warplanes blasted a Syrian radar
    station in Lebanon, where Syria is the main
    power broker, killing three Syrian soldiers.
    That strike was the first in five years against
    the Syrian military and came in retaliation for
    an attack by Syrian-backed guerrillas in which
    an Israeli soldier was killed.

    Syria closed the offices of both Hamas and
    Islamic Jihad after the U.S. invasion of Iraq
    out of fear it could be the next nation
    targeted by the United States.

    The U.S. had been pushing Syria to act further
    and expell Hamas and Islamic Jihad leader, but
    Syria has refused.

    Western diplomats say Syria is loathe to be seen
    as betraying the Palestinian cause, and it also
    does not want to give up one of the few
    bargaining chips it still has in negotiations
    with Israel.

    Despite Syrian denials, the diplomats say Hamas
    and Islamic Jihad leaders in Syria give
    directions to the groups' members in the West
    Bank and Gaza.

    Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak condemned the
    strike on Sunday, and visiting German
    Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said it was "not

    "We condemn what happened today concerning the
    aggression against a brotherly state under the
    pretext that some organisations exist there,"
    Mubarak said in a joint news conference with

    Bomber's home razed
    Before dawn on Sunday, IDF troops demolished the
    Jenin home of 29-year-old Hanadi Jaradat, the
    Jenin woman who carried out the deadly attack
    in a crowded beachfront restauramt in Haifa.

    In a statement confirming the demolition, an IDF
    spokesman said that the demolition of
    terrorists' homes sends out a message to
    militants and those who assist them that their
    actions carry a price that will be paid by all
    those who collaborate in such activities. The
    IDF will continue to use all legal measures at
    its disposal in order to target terrorists, the
    statement read.

    Earlier, IAF helicopters attacked two targets in
    the Gaza Strip and Israel Defense Forces troops
    returned to the West Bank city of Jenin late
    Saturday night after 19 people were killed when
    a suicide bomber blew herself up in a Haifa
    restaurant earlier in the day.

    Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz conferred Saturday
    night with Chief of Staff Moshe Ya'alon and
    other security officials, and subsequently
    ordered the IDF to undertake a number of steps.

    These responses, security sources said, will
    involve stepped up IDF activity in seam areas
    and their aim will be to stop terrorists from
    crossing in border areas where there are no
    fences. Selective assassinations of top Hamas
    and Islamic Jihad men in the Gaza Strip could
    also be resumed after a hiatus of a few weeks,
    the security sources added.

    Israeli helicopters fired two missiles at a
    small, empty house near the beach in Gaza City
    early Sunday, and helicopters also fired
    missiles in a Gaza refugee camp, witnesses

    The house is near the Gaza beach and Palestinian
    leader Yasser Arafat's residence, the witnesses
    said. Arafat has not been in Gaza for nearly
    two years.

    The house belonged to the Kanita family, one of
    Gaza's largest, but it was empty at the time of
    the attack. Mohammed Kanita, a member of the
    family, said it had been uninhabited for a long
    time. There was no furniture in the house.

    Ambulances arrived at the scene, but there were
    no casualties. Large crowds of people gathered
    at the scene, witnesses said.

    The large family has representation in all of
    the main Palestinian groups, including the
    violent Hamas and Islamic Jihad, Palestinians

    A few minutes later, Israeli helicopters fired
    three missiles at militants near a house in the
    Boureij refugee camp in central Gaza, residents
    said. The house belonged to an Islamic Jihad
    leader, Morshet Shahin, but residents said he
    escaped the attack. No casualties were
    reported, but some damage was caused.

    The Gaza missile strike followed a meeting
    between Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and top
    military and security officers, discussing a
    response to the suicide bombing. No decisions
    were announced.

    The witnesses said one missile sent smoke rising
    above the city, the biggest in the Gaza Strip,
    but could not immediately say what the targets
    were and had no word of any casualties or

    Late Saturday night, IDF troops returned to
    Jenin and imposed a curfew, only days after
    Golani troops stationed in the West Bank city
    had left. Palestinian sources said Saturday
    that the IDF imposed a curfew on Jenin and its
    refugee camp, and beefed up forces around the

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