The UN is past its use-by date.

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    The UN has demonstrated itself to be unequivocally impotent. What useful role has it played in recent history? - absolutely none.

    It will always be headed by some weak leader, whether that's Kofi Anan, or "Gumboots" Gali that went before him. Weak as piss. Reason is because of its inherently weak organisational structure. Most UN personnel (not the front-line representatives), are simply a bunch of fat-arsed parasitic beaurocrats sipping Chardonnay in Geneva.

    If you want to know how good the UN is, you just have to remember the Bosnian war and Srebrenica(?), the bastards couldn't even support their own troops!

    The UN should be disbanded and a new organisation formed of about 20 of the world's most powerful countries. Why let a bunch of half-arsed African countries dictate policy for anyone. They can't even run their own countries. Why should they even have a say in anything else?

    No wonder the US refuses to pay up for the UN's fat-cat lunches. The UN is simply an anachronistic parasite.

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