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the truth is in the eye of the beholder

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    So we have an issue of creditability. Shall we point to the score board.

    Do you trust this poster of do you trust TheInformer....

    "yes ERG will certainly do well this week and those who picked up at 14 cents will be looking at quck gains by Friday.

    This deliberate campaign of misinformation by the more appropriately named THE MISINFORMER will be seen for the disgusting disgraceful spamming of poison misinformation and hate that rational investors will see through, that's for sure!!!!!!!!!"

    Rational shareholders have seen through the rampers.....TheInformer has delivered the results....

    The RAMPERS have very little creditability in this debate.

    Once again...this is not personal however when you throw fuel onto the fire please accept that the fireman will be around to put out the fire.

    This is a reality check. If you enter the debate please accept the consequences.

    I am not about to sit on the sidelines while the poor ERG shareholders take the dilution adjustment between the eyes.

    It means that they have lost money ahead of Convertible Note holders which was inevitable given the economic situation of the company.

    I had alluded to this situation while others pretended to be on top of the situation. What a joke and reality check. They have missed the point.

    They pretended to be ontop of the issues and what was around the corner. The technology is only a part of the equation. Just one piece of the equation.

    The board and management control the future. Do you believe that this company has what it takes to convert this technology into value.

    I doubt it....

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