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the truth hurts

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    i have been trying to be very calm for a long time

    you know the truth is starting to hurt now

    confidence has been dented

    selling forces just keep getting stronger

    the bears are dominating and you wonder "what really is happening"???

    long-legged doji at the end of trading on charts today

    ok, what is positive news?

    * PulmoTrack TGA approval expected shortly???
    * "Identified" several suitable commercial partners???
    * Stage 1 ASAM trial results expected to be released ????shortly
    * Wholter prototype release 2nd quarter 08????

    So what does all this mean?? 10cents, 20 cents, 30 cents, 40 cents????

    Hasn't all this already been factored into sp???? $36m approx undiluted market cap

    Smart investors know exactly what is going on>>> it may be similar hype as occurred prior to last capital raising

    now its about excercise of options!!!!!!!!

    how does it go???

    once bitten twice shy!!!!!!!!!!!

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