The pro-Science lobby debates using evidence, and with vaccines...

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    The pro-Science lobby debates using evidence, and with vaccines they proved the efficacy of vaccines, for instance the MMR vaccine with millions of cases.

    Check your post - all it does is accusing people of being liars --- with no corroborating proof.

    What is scientific debate?

    Ascientific debate is a series ofscientificarguments.

    scientific argumentis a process thatscientistsfollow to guide their research activities.
    Scientistsidentify weaknesses and limitations in others'arguments, with the ultimate goal of refining and improvingscientificexplanations and experimental designs.

    This process is known as evidence-based argumentation

    The anti-vaxxers don't take part in evidence based debate -- they don't run any studies, consequently, they have no evidence.

    No evidence exists hence the anti-vaxx belief / dogma cannot be supported as valid.

    Generally, one study is not "proof" of anything.

    ( The anti-vaxxers will often state "A recent study....", which is usually a pretty good indicator that the next study is a hoax, and hasn't been reproduced by anybody else )

    The results of the study will need to be confirmed by reproducing the same, or at least similar, results in a similar study.

    Reproducibility is the closeness of the agreement between the results of measurements of the same measure and carried out with the same methodology described in the corresponding scientific evidence (e.g. a publication in a peer-reviewed journal).

    If you want to see the state of a scientific debate on any subject, review the literature.

    The best the anti-vaxxers have been able to do in the "debate", is incorrectly call experiences doctors and researchers "liars"

    That's a pathetic form of "debate"

    The Truth About Vaccines - Vaccines Work !
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