The same deliberate lies and self-serving wilful ignorance from...

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    The same deliberate lies and self-serving wilful ignorance from so-called vaccine experts are being pushed by Australian doctors and media too!

    Dr. Nespolon, president of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, is a classic example of the wilfully ignorant misinformation – at best – and deliberate lies constantly being peddled by vested interests of vaccination here in Australia. This explains the growing censorship and also why vaccine advocates are afraid to debate vaccination. That’s simply because they cannot allow the public to discover the truth about vaccines.

    And this is also why good and caring doctors of integrity who expose the hidden vaccine injuries and do the right thing by their patients by supporting parental informed and valid consent are threatened with deregistration and doctors who dare expose the truth about vaccines are attacked by the media with threats of bans and even violence to warn off other doctors, nurses and scientists from speaking out too. This is how fragile the edifice of fraud, deceit, misinformation, censorship and propaganda which is vaccination has become.

    This is Australia’s greatest shame and institutionalised sham! History will judge us all because to remain silent is to be complicit to the generational harm caused to Australian children. Let’s all get on the right side of history – before it’s too late.

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