MMR vaccine systematic review – science finds no link to autism...

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    MMR vaccine systematic review – science finds no link to autism AGAIN

    Vaccines for Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and Varicella in Children

    Main results:
    We included 138 studies (23,480,668 participants). Fifty-one studies (10,248,159 children) assessed vaccine effectiveness and 87 studies (13,232,509 children) assessed the association between vaccines and a variety of harms.

    Authors' conclusions:Existing evidence on the safety and effectiveness of MMR/MMRV vaccines support their use for mass immunisation. Campaigns aimed at global eradication should assess epidemiological and socioeconomic situations of the countries as well as the capacity to achieve high vaccination coverage. More evidence is needed to assess whether the protective effect of MMR/MMRV could wane with time since immunisation.

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    The Truth About Vaccines - Vaccines Work !
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