"According to National Health data released today, autism...

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    "According to National Health data released today, autism incidence among Irish children is now at 4.3% an 82% rise in 5 years. One in 16 boys is affected. US rates trail Ireland’s slightly only because CDC lies to minimize the crisis.

    In 2016 Judith Pinborough-Zimmerman, CDC’s Principal Investigator for the Autism Monitoring Network (ADDM) filed a Federal whistleblower suit charging that CDC routinely forces its investigators to falsify data to hide the Autism Pandemic. “The Autism explosion is an acute embarrassment to CDC so they fix the numbers“.

    The Autism crisis dwarfs Covid-19. The average age of death is 75. In contrast Autism attacks infants presaging a lifetime of nightmarish agony. Half will never go on a date, write a poem, hit a baseball, join the military, pay taxes, cast a vote, run for office, speak or use a toilet. Their cost of care is >1/4 trillion annually + rising.

    EPA scientists say the epidemic began in 1989, the year CDC dramatically expanded the childhood vaccine schedule multiplying infant exposures to neurotoxins like mercury and aluminum. CDC’s massive 1999 study of the VSD-America’s largest medical database-showed that children receiving hep B vaccine in their first 30 days had an 1135% increased risk for an Autism diagnosis. CDC and Pharma knew at that moment that vaccines were causing the epidemic. They hid the VSD study, closed the VSD to independent scientists and commissioned a sketchy cabal of tobacco scientists, grifters, felons and Pharma biostitutes to gin up a dozen fraudulent MMR studies purporting to “prove that vaccines don’t cause autism.”

    They blocked studies of all vaccines given to children under 6 months. Tony Fauci played a key role in the cover up. Fauci distributes $6 billion annually in research grants and assured that studies of autism’s environmental causes never get funded. When in 2008 NIH’s Autism Coordinating Committee voted $16 million to study the links between autism and vaccines Fauci and Tom Insel killed those studies. They have committed one of the most consequential criminal conspiracies in history. CHD will bring these criminals to justice." - Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


    More to come..
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