The Truth About Vaccines, page-76

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    The video actually shows Dr. Suzanne Humphries going through the Gardasil inserts which the vaccine manufacturer produced and provides with the vaccine and which should be read and understood by every patient or parent before it is administered. It is called informed consent (a fundamental human right). So the scientific evidence in this interview is largely from the vaccine manufacturer themselves. Dr. Humphries explains this, as all doctors are obliged to do too, so that patients and parents can have all the facts so they can actually make an informed decision as required by law.

    So which part of the interview couldn’t you follow?

    The part where Dr. Humphries explains that the Gardasil vaccine has never been proven to prevent cervical cancer?

    The part where she shows that the amount of aluminium in the new Gardasil vaccine is much higher and has led to even more severe injuries and deaths than the previous one?

    Or the part where the evidence shows that all titers to both Gardasil vaccines are completely gone within 48 months (ie. the vaccine no longer provides any immunity after 4 years)?

    The part where she points to the evidence that safety trials were performed on control groups that included high doses of aluminium making it look like the vaccine is safe?

    Or the part where she shows the evidence that a declared saline solution used as a placebo actually contains dangerous excipient toxins and that the vaccine manufacturers (who performed all these safety studies) tried their best to hide this fact with scientific trickery?

    Or is the most shocking part that such blatant scientific fraud and criminal deceit is granted approval by medical authorities who are supposed to regulate the vaccine industry?

    For all those parents and grandparents who really do want to do the right thing by their kids and make a truly informed decision regarding vaccination, the interview I posted is a must watch…

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