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the trading price

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    If the price re-opens and trades in a range of $2.25- $2.70 I personally would not be too disappointed. VCR was trading at these levels before the rise late last week.

    It was trading at around $2.20 before last wednesday announcement that the patient had been discharged the on late Tuesday and the discharge had already been flagged for a week.

    So to have the placement at $2.25 seems a reasonable price for instos to get in. THe rise to $3.50 was just running to fast and had nothing to do with pricing this stock. You can see that ABN AMRO research said the same thing.

    So trading at $2.50 seems a good price with a few more potentially positive announcements to come. With Medicare decision due 13/14 September and the anticipaton of the next trial patient.

    And not to mention the the stock that was purchased by Merrill Lynch last week. From comments, I would assume that they are in for a few million shares at around $3.05??? (correct me those who have been following closely)

    THe 1st paitent has been home 1 week now, and is still alive (as far as I know). Thats got to be good. But what i am curious about is the final report as to whether there has been any blood clots, cell damage etc, that have been encountered by other LVADs.


    Disclosure: I hold 100,000 at 50c
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