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the .... thing is down here somewhere ...

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    Hmmm ... had a lovely SHORT hedge running and intraday stops gone at the close ... we don't mind given it is Fryday arvo. Tomorrow is the serious biz of running-in my new Duck.

    As previously, we thought we had it nailed and woz expecting some Chrissy cheer for what has been a busy year. Detroit fixed that idea as did Paulson who renegged on the original bail-out plan ... grrr

    Chart shows the plan and price breakout and failure at resistance 4300 (as previously) triggering my indicator to SHORT ... price is now very oversold and now looking for the next.

    We think overnight (US) that Congress might bail-out Detroit (on some basis ...) and hence the rise in Asia sending DOW futures well into the green this arvo, triggering the late rush of blood locally. DOW Futures up +278.

    Cheers ... tight stops.

    This is only my view ... read the black stuff.
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